Nóra Kerekes, Founder of the MeSHe project

Professor of Medical Science (Psychiatry)
Ph.D in Medical Neuroscience



My research is in the field of psychiatry and has the overall aim to reduce people’s suffering and affect their mental health to the better by seeing the whole person. There are three distinct branches of my research, each contributing with one of the often-neglected attributes of psychiatric care.

The first focuses on culture-specific measures of substance use and aggressive antisocial behavior in adolescents. The MeSHe project. This project stresses the fact that for being able to provide equal and person-centred care for all, it is necessary to improve and adapt health- and social care and consider the individuals’ cultural background.

The second branch is a so-called ”translational psychiatric” project. Within this project we cooperate with laboratories in France and Spain where pain and neuroinflammation are studied in animal models of psychiatric diseases. In Sweden we conduct the clinical part of the project and assess data on pain perception and physiology in children and adolescents with psychiatric problems. In this project we focus on the often forgotten or underestimated coexistence of somatic and mental health complains,

The third branch of my research focuses on integrated care and complementary medical treatment methods (such as yoga and acupuncture) of mental ill-health. This project emphasizes the importance of treating the coexistence psychiatric conditions in the same time and has the aim to gather evidence on the effects of complementary treatment strategies of psychiatric conditions.



I have over 25 years of experience as a university teacher (in a broad international context) and over 15 years experience as a lecturer and supervisor of Bachelor and Master essays and doctoral theses. The subjects that I have taught mainly biological topics: Neurobiology, Cell Biology, Physiology, Histology, but also Criminology. The past years the focus of my teaching is Psychiatry, within that subject biological psychiatry and externalising child neuropsychiatric problems.















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University West
Department of Health Sciences
Health promotion and Health Science Unit

Professor of Medical Science (Psychiatry)
Ph.D in Medical Neuroscience